Surviving Adult Reports Childhood MSbP Torture: Part 1 – Introduction


I am 28 years old and am studying Medical Sociology. I survived Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP). My mother, the perpetrator, is no longer among the living. She committed suicide three years ago. However, my sister, who is age 26, is still alive. I am in the process of putting distance between her and myself because she is copying much of the pathological behavior of my late mother.

I write this series of posts to describe how my mother fabricated conditions I did not have, induced or exacerbated conditions I had, co-opted the diseases I had, and basically put me on the MSbP merry-go-round as a child. My intent is for those on the outside to read this, especially clinicians, so they can see if they can recognize these patterns of behavior in associates and in patients. I say “associates” because my mother herself was a psychiatrist, and what little research there is on the subject of MSbP shows that a strong risk factor for being a perpetrator is being a health care clinician.

Bottles of pills with pills scattered on a table.

The patterns of behavior I will report may seem odd or even bizarre, and may inspire a person to look away and avoid the situation. However, they are indeed the signs that there is at least one child victim who is at very high risk of being tortured to death, so I encourage you, no matter how weird the situation seems, to intervene.

Read my first post in this series, where my mom diagnoses us with Lyme disease and treats us with OxyContin.

Did you know that when healthcare professionals identify potential MSbP perpetrators, they usually already have one dead baby?

In one study of 16 perpetrators with current victims, 9 had a previous SIDS baby, and 1 had killed a previous child. Read about it here.

Photograph by LadyofProcrastination.


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