Sexual Abuse in Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Part 1 – Series Introduction

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP) perpetrators have been shown to sexually abuse their victims in a signature way — by repeatedly conducting painful ritual inspection, cleaning, and infection of their victims’ genitals which results in trauma and injury to the victim. While this sexual abuse is very serious, it generally is overlooked in both researching and prosecuting MSbP cases.

The purpose of this series of blog posts is to inform the community of this serious type of sexual abuse that is now being overlooked.

So far, we could find only two scientific articles that focused on this specific type of sexual abuse. My next posts, Part 2 and Part 3 in this series, cover these two articles.

Researchers and journalists have actually reported on MSbP cases that probably included this type of sexual abuse, but the writers missed this angle. I will give scientific examples where I think this occurred in Part 4.

Medical sexual abuse seems bizarre, and makes anyone wonder what kind of mental state a perpetrator is in to do these acts. Part 5 applies Western allopathic medicine perspectives to explain how medical sexual abuse fits into an overall Western medicine diagnostic picture.

Shadow of sad woman

Why this type of bizarre sexual abuse? I believe this can be understood in the greater context of the MSbP perpetrator’s overall motives. I am a victim of this type of abuse, and I feel a victim’s perspective is helpful in understanding the perpetrator’s motive because it provides an “inside view”.

In Part 6 in this series, I explain what memories I have that should have been clues that I survived this type of abuse, but due to my own ignorance and the ignorance of others in the healthcare system, these clues were missed. In Part 7, I will explain a dream I had, which is another clue that was particularly helpful to me in figuring out a motive for my mother, who is the perpetrator, engaging in this behavior.

Finally, in Part 8, I will piece together what really happened, and I will point to how this particular type of abuse can lead to permanent disability that facilitates the MSbP perpetrator’s ability to continue to victimize the victim through the victim’s permanent dependence on the perpetrator.

Please note that throughout this series, I will use the gender-neutral pronoun “she”, acknowledging that men can also be perpetrators. It’s easier than saying “s/he” all the time, and the majority of perpetrators are women anyway.

Want to know more about how MSbP perpetrators are investigated?

Read this very thorough book by Kathryn Artingstall.

Photo by Ahaliha mk.


4 thoughts on “Sexual Abuse in Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Part 1 – Series Introduction

  1. “particular type of abuse can lead to permanent disability that facilitates the MSbP perpetrator’s ability to continue to victimize the victim through the victim’s permanent dependence on the perpetrator. ”

    Well it is always this way. The Middle-Class Family was invented to psychically scar and maim children. There is nothing dysfunctional about this at all. It is 100% functionality. The perpetrators want to cut off the child’s chances of being anything more than they are.

    I’ve talked about helping to put a Pentecostal Daughter Molester ( PDM ) into our state prison. I wrote to the DA and the Court, that this guy was not only using his daughters for his own sexual gratification ( which is how it was charged ), but he was also trying to harm his daughters. He was concerned that they might not turn out like himself and like the other members of his church. They might not feel that their sexuality is dirty, or that it had to be yoked to procreation. So he used one of the most tried and true methods of harming them, paternal sexual molestation. And this also makes them feel bad and guilty for having been the object of this.

    So the child will want to be great. We have future Einstein’s, Mozart’s, and Elon Musk’s. But the parents act to make the child accept the self-reliance ethic. This is an adaptation of original sin, based on the premise that people are inherently lazy. It is a kind of guilty until proven innocent type of crime. Everyone wants to do well, as they want to win the admiration of friends and family. But the parents don’t want the child to be able to live like this, they want the child to be operating out of guilt and shame. And the last thing they would ever want is for the child to be able to connect with other people and be able to show that the parents were wrong. The middle-class family uses abuse to produce Homer Simpson’s.

    They do what they can to harm the child, to make the child believe that they have a moral defect. And so of course, besides shame and guilt, permanent sex organ damages are very useful.

    It changes when we stop asking for pity and start going after the perpetrators.

    I am not looking at MBPS as a mental illness. I am looking at is as horrible abuse, but a kind of abuse which our society largely expects parents to inflict. And this is why it is ever more important that we not approach it in an Uncle Tom manner.



  2. This book is very interesting and it is intended for practicing pediatricians. If you can obtain access to any academic libraries, you might be able to get it. I get this kind of access all the time, or I would not be able to function.

    About that book, the work was done in Rhode Island, in the one isolation hospital ward which they have in Providence. So cases of all colors and income levels are handled in that one ward.

    I agree with the logic of the “Medical Child Abuse” term. But I also like the Munchausen’s designation better. But sometimes people will misunderstand me and think I am really sayig that the perpetrator has a “mental illness”. I don’t mean it that way.

    As far as a label for myself, I am a Survivor of the Middle-Class Family.

    And the Middle-Class Family never would have emerged if it were not allowed to exploit and abuse children.

    Yale’s John Merriman, the middle-class invented childhood.

    It is also the middle-class which invented pedagogy and pedagogy manuals.

    I’ve just skimmed some of your other posts. What you are describing with this genital washing is horrid.

    What it actually reminds me of is this man I helped to put into our state prison. He was charged with felonies for sexually fondling his three daughters. But what he was also doing, though not specifically charge, was always getting into arguments with them. He would accuse the girl of “putting on a show”, in how she was not being careful enough about dressing or undressing too close to a window. He would watch the girl, and then chew her out over it.

    And once this occurred in their motor home, in a camp ground. There is not much space in the motor home, and the girl’s silhouette was visible through a shaded window.

    So the father would start chewing the girl out, over something like that, or about what she was wearing to school.

    And then the defense attorney was making this big thing out of trying to argue who was more correct in their appraisal of the situation, the father or the daughter.

    In my voluminous writings to the court and the DA, I tried to straighten this out. The girls were angry with their father, because they could see that he was getting off on looking at them, and they felt this and were being effected by it. So they were telling their father off. Where as the defense was saying that the father was right.

    Like what you have posted, using some external reason, and in this case for sexual abuse. And then sexual child abuse is not just for sexual gratification, it is also because the parent wants to psychically harm the child.

    I’ll write more later. Thanks for getting my post up. And I do understand that this is all sensitive.

    I want to find those trying to take legal and political action, and not just more online therapy and recovery.



  3. Yes, this book does look interesting.

    From my perspective, Munchausen’s By Proxy is one of the best places to start if you want to understand middle-class child abuse. Such abuse almost always involves doctors, and we need to understand why people do it.

    I am sure you know that it is not really called Munchausen’s anymore. We don’t say that Jessie James suffered from Bank Robbing Disorder. We just say he robbed banks.

    So they went to Facetious Disorder, and then just to calling it what it is, Medical Child Abuse.

    A very good book:

    I still like to call it Munchausen’s, though I don’t literally mean the parent suffers from a mental disorder. It is just child abuse, a crime.

    Sometimes doctors are more culpable than others. This is especially true when the doctors are treating non-existent illness, like mental illness. Or when they are making themselves complicit in child abuse, without reporting to the authorities, or even engaging in child endangerment or child abuse themselves. As I see, this is typical when psychotherapists are marketing to the parents.

    So as I see it, there is Medical Munchausen’s, Psychiatric or Brain Chemical Imbalance Munchausen’s, Developmental Disorder or Neurological Difference Munchausen’s, and good old fashioned Delinquency and Salvation Status Munchausen’s. it this later type that Nancy seemed to be showing with that Straight Inc. video.

    So it does not need to involve doctors, but usually it does.

    So we need to intervene and treat it as crime. And we need to handle it in the civil courts, as otherwise middle-class child abuse will continue to be profitable. And when it does not rise to the level to do these things, we still need to create escape valves and outside supports for the child.

    The middle-class family was invented to exploit and abuse children. So we have to neutralize its ability to do this.

    And then we the Survivors of the Middle-Class Family should also be the ones setting up our own foster care.



    • Wow! Thank you for your post and this great information! I went to buy the book, but I don’t think they have Kindle version, and the analog one is $90. I will have to save up for it, but I think we need it in our library.

      A lot of the points you are hitting on are especially salient. I’ve been too busy to do a blog post about it yet, but our group just finished writing a book chapter we are submitting for publication about how the healthcare system contributes to MSbP abuse (whatever it’s called) and how to stop that. I’m an epidemiologist, and I really believe that the healthcare system has a huge accountability problem with this. After all, Kathy Bush’s child had like 40 surgeries – come on! If none of those were needed, it’s not just child abuse – it’s malpractice!

      Just a note about nomenclature – your points are well taken about naming the condition. The first part of our book chapter actually reviews the tug-of-war in the scientific literature about what to call it. I choose MSbP because, for whatever reason, this has become the most common (but it definitely is not the best name). The problem with Factitious Disorder is that it labels the perpetrator, but there is no diagnosis for the victim – hence, a focus inappropriately on the perpetrator. Kind of like mass shootings – we hear ad nauseum about the perpetrator, and little about the victims. Who cares? The shooter was nuts. So are these perpetrators.

      I promise I’ll make a blog post as soon as we deliver the chapter to the publishers – within the next week or so – so everyone has the info in case they want to read it. We’ll also be making blog posts about what it says. We have assembled a library of over 500 articles on MSbP, and I laugh when I see other “experts” interviewed about it in the news – they clearly have not read all of these or they would be saying something at least slightly different.

      Thank you so much for your comment! Thank you for reading our blog and taking an interest in us!


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