Sexual Abuse in Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Part 3 – More Case Studies

In this post, I continue this series by reviewing the second of two articles that focus on this particular type of sexual abuse that appears to only happen in MSbP families. These are literally the only two articles we found focusing on this particular type of abuse. This one is 10 years after the other one, in 1999.

Case 1: Nurse Accuses Divorced Husband of Sexual Abuse of Victim when the Nurse is Probably the Perpetrator

Here, researchers report on a child who is the victim of repeated sexual abuse by MSbP perpetrators divorced mother and the maternal grandmother, but nothing is really described about the child. The child’s age is not reported, nor is any other characteristics of the victim. Objectifying victims and perpetrators in research at the expense of providing gruesome detail about the MSbP behavior is unfortunately typical in the scientific literature.

And these writers go into gruesome detail about the “funneling” done by the mother and grandmother that the victim reports is painful.

Not only do they repeatedly place swabs and their fingers in this girl’s vagina (presumably to clean it and examine its tone), they coach their daughter to tell authorities that her father is sexually abusing her. The daughter reports that the mother and grandmother are telling her to lie, while the mother files 9 sexual abuse complaints against the innocent father.

Like with previous cases, we see a matriarchal transference of behavior. Also, like with previous cases, although the victim is placed with the father, but the mother is not barred from access to the victim so she is still in danger.

I wonder what eventually happened to the daughter? Did she live? Did she become a perpetrator? Who knows? The healthcare system threw her away.

Pelvic exam diagram

Case 2: From Age 14 Months to Age 5, Victim is Sexually Abused Until Abandoned by the Healthcare System

Here, the authors report on a single MSbP mom with a history of depression and sexual abuse who accused just about every guy she met, including a kindergarten-aged boy, of sexually abusing her daughter from age 14 months until age 5, when these writers meet the daughter.

These allegations caused the daughter to get all kinds of sexual abuse workups by many different people, and the mother herself explained that she regularly did a ritual.

The ritual was that every time the child came home from school, she did a thorough genital exam and used “yeast cream” on the child.

For 18 months, health care providers tried to get the mother to stop the ritual, but she wouldn’t.

Rather than rescuing the child, child protective services left her with her mother to continue to get raped, and referred the child for counseling. Do they really think that the counseling is going to help while the mother is raping the child? How do you counsel a child who is living in a home where she is being repeatedly raped?

Case 3: 4-year old gets Vaginal and Anal Exams while Mother Accuses Father of Rape

In a similar case, a divorced MSbP mom accuses the dad of sexual molestation of a 4-year-old daughter, and this results in multiple sexual investigations that show the father is innocent. The rape the mother does to the child is particularly harrowing in this one. The mom made the girl get naked from the waist down and lie on a towel on the kitchen floor, presumably because there is better light in there.

Then, the mother took a flashlight and examined the child’s labia and anus, separating the labia and inspecting all the skin.

Hand holding flashlightExaminations found vaginal trauma. However, the examiners did not know if that was the result of trauma from the accused dad or the inspection-crazy mom. There was no evidence against the dad and the accusations by the child appeared coached (saying her dad had touched her “pee pee with a stick” one time), and they had trouble convincing the mom to stop her examinations.

As usual, they just threw this victim away, too. Child protective services blocked her access to her dad and trapped her with her mother, let her mother keep raping her, and referred the child to counseling.

Conclusion to Review of Two Articles on Medical Sexual Abuse

This post and my previous one focused on the only two articles in the scientific literature focusing on medical sexual abuse that we could find. The next post is about other scientific literature in MSbP where sexual abuse is implied.

Want to read about a recent MSbP murder?

Lacey Spears kills her baby by overloading him with salt, and gets leniency from the judge.

Images courtesy of the National Cancer Institute and Internet Archive Book Images.


7 thoughts on “Sexual Abuse in Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Part 3 – More Case Studies

  1. I would not classify the above things as MSbP. And I don’t think they fit with the Medical Child Abuse model, which I see as superior, either.

    I would just classify them as Child Sexual Abuse. The bogus justifications do not matter. Most such abusers have their justifications.

    And when there are excessive medical tests or treatments being done, but because of the medical staff, I would just call it Medical Malpractice.

    There is though a common element, in trying to find fault with the child, or as Lloyd DeMauss calls it, using the child as a Poison Container.

    And all of this stuff is a Rorschach Blot. Most people are not ready to address familial child abuse head on. So it is all extremely political



  2. “Are you kidding? I was abused by therapists! Why would I do that?”

    Interesting. But also like you say, they always try to steer you into therapy.

    I see that as the problem, the discontented, the people who should be going to the barricades, are instead getting sent to therapy, recovery, and religion. And it is always denigrating.

    I’m still not really sure what you are trying to do or what your full views are.

    I don’t believe there is any mental illness which causes MbPS. It is just a form of child abuse. Some keep it strictly to things where doctors are being duped, but you and I both are concerned also about things where a parent is trying to find fault in a child, basically Original Sin. Sometimes this will not have anything to do with doctors or any outsiders.

    So to treat it as a public health problem? Does this mean going lighter on law enforcement and civil suits? I would never go along with that.

    We must find and prosecute these cases, and the most under utilized remedy is the civil suit. Pauperizing parents is a very small action compared to what they do to their children. You can put the money in a trust fund, so it still might not be totally out of reach for the parents.

    Doing this will have a huge effect, because most middle-class parents only had children in order to use them to give themselves social legitimacy.

    And most of this fault finding ( MbPS and related ) comes from the same idea.

    But therapy and recovery are near universal. I say they are just more self abuse.

    So my solution is:

    1. For doctors who put kids on psych meds, Crimes Against Humanity prosecution in International Court, followed by execution.

    2. For psychotherapists who market to parents and don’t comply with mandatory reporting, felony prosecution.

    3. Force the government to stop licensing psychotherapists. It protects no one, rather it just legitimates it, and this what parents are looking for to abuse their children.

    4. Then political activism. People will start to open their eyes and see that they have been abused, when they hear that others are doing it, and when they see that there is money and societal vindication.

    As far as treating it like a public health project? Well most middle-class parents will never listen to that. We have new pedagogy manuals and child development theory. All it does is give slicker ways for parents to use and abuse children.

    I say it all has to be done by courts, criminal and civil. That is the only thing which makes people listen.

    You can do public health educational work, but only after you have recent convictions and judgments to point to.

    People use child abuse as a way to justify themselves, by how what they do to their children is necessary and proper. So you need to have convictions and judgments to point to.

    Like I don’t just say that I’m against child abuse. I say that I helped put a Pentecostal Daughter Molester into our state prison. And then I go from there to specific examples of what I wrote to the DA and the Court.


  3. One thing which jumps out at me about your posts so far, you are not in anyway advocating Psychotherapy or Recovery. I feel that this is extremely important, because these shift the fault back onto the victim. Therapy and Recovery are why middle-class family child abuse are allowed to continue.



    • Hi there,

      I’m not sure what you mean, exactly. I interpret “psychotherapy” to mean “talk therapy”. I think that works for some people and not others. It does not work for me. When you say “recovery”, I’m not sure what you mean. I tend to link the term “recovery” with addiction disorders, but I know that’s not what you mean. What do you mean exactly?

      As far as what to do about the problem of having survived ritual genital cleaning and being all messed up, I don’t have a good answer. I’m still all messed up! But when I lived in Minnesota, I got really helpful care at the Program for Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota, and I’d recommend it for anyone with gender issues or sexual problems:



    • Yes, this does look good. In some cases a program like this could make a big difference. Minneapolis

      Now I mean that in terms of rebuilding your own life. But there is another issue here, and that is rebuilding your social legitimacy. There is nothing which can bring back the years that were lost, and especially the lost social opportunities. But we all still need to rebuild our social legitimacy, and usually it is impossible to do this alone. There needs to be legal and political action, and this requires comrades. Social legitimacy is restored by gaining legal and political victories

      So if the above program is intended as a substitute for rebuilding your social legitimacy, then I have to take back what I said, because then it is just another form of Recovery and Therapy, something designed to keep you from seeking legal redress.

      “Masson sets out to show that “abuse of one form or another is built into the very fabric of psychotherapy”, that “it is the nature of therapy to distort another person’s reality” and that since it is the therapist’s task to change people, and that this can only be done according to the therapists’ own notions and prejudices, the psychological process is necessarily corrupt.”

      By Psychotherapy I mean all forms of Psychotherapy, talk therapy, dance therapy, Janov’s Primal Therapy, Existential Therapy, all Eclectic Therapies, all of it. The unifying element is that the therapist tries to get you to disclose feelings and personal matters, and sometimes even to vent histrionically, with the objective being to make you feel better and believe that the entire problem rests in your own head. So then all that needs to be done is give you enough therapy so that you can fit back into society. Angry slaves are converted into happy slaves. There is to be no political or legal redress. The therapist convinces you that the desire for redress is the actual problem, and that it is morally superior to renounce all attempts at redress. You will just have to somehow explain away the lost years and lost social opportunities, but your public identity will not ever include any redress or vanquishing of foes. Instead you are just to be a victim who is trying to go on. Such persons are often miscategorized as survivors. But really they are still victims because there has not even been any attempt at obtaining redress. They live by asking for pity. Their lives don’t look like other people’s, but they aren’t going to even try and do anything about this.

      Your therapist shows empathy, but really it is just pity. Because the therapist believes that the only real problem is your own anger and your own stubbornness, and your own refusal to accept the simple fact that your parents were just doing the best that they could, and you still refuse to exonerate them. Your therapist is just using you to bolster their own denial systems. And to the extent that you disclose personal matters to them, you are helping them use you.

      And then Recovery is kind of the peer group and self serve version of therapy. It is a drug. In large measure it derives from the 12-step groups and their doctrine of powerlessness.

      Louise Armstrong shows how in the 1970’s the Women’s Movement surfaced the high prevalence of incest, especially father daughter incest. And so for a while consciousness was raised and things started to change. But what Armstrong contends is that incest is still considered a paternal prerogative. So rather than making continuing progress, it has been turned into a Recovery issue. That is, it has been completely turned back onto the victims, as it is they who have to deal with it, and going after perpetrators has been completely neutralized.

      Rocking the Cradle of Sexual Politics: What Happened When Women Said Incest, by Louise Armstrong

      So as I see it, Psychotherapy and Recovery are all Second Rape. Suppose a victims walks into a police station to report that they have been raped. And what they hear is, “Oh I feel your pain. Have you tried going to a therapist about this, or to a recovery group? You certainly don’t want to be carrying anger around with you. You need to go on with your life. And have you considered that the rapist is just an ordinary person with his own issues. And might you have done something to encourage this?”

      Therapy and Recovery turn your experience of injustice into a medical problem and a self-improvement project, They turn it all back on you, and try to deny you any chance of legitimating yourself a survivor of severe injustice

      Jeff Anderson and Associates, St. Paul Minnesota

      We need people who have the zeal that Jeff Anderson has for going after the Catholic Church, bankrupting diocese after diocese, but instead targeted at the middle-class family. But our society so far has not been ready for this.

      SOL Reform

      People need to stop looking a Psychotherapy and Recovery as the solution to problems. They aren’t, they are just more abuse. They need to tear the Psychotherapy section out of their Yellow Pages, and instead start looking under Attorneys. And then when they can’t find an attorney who seems able to deal with something effectively, this is when we need to turn to political action.

      And the problem with Mad In America is that about 3/4 of the people are therapy and recovery people, as are the moderators and admin. So like for myself, very hard to get posts up.

      14yo Patricide

      My own forum


      • Wow! You raise so many good points, it’s hard to respond to them all. I will try to focus on the theme of what you are saying, which I think is, “Therapy and Recovery [as you defined, thank you] are instruments of societal control, not healing”. This is worth a lot of pondering, the way the statement, “Religion is the opiate of the masses” deserves pondering (and you aptly bring up the Catholic church). Trust me, discussions of religions doing things to people is not far from our topics on the Proxy Project conference calls about medicine doing things to people.

        Here is my take on it. Just like you have people who enjoy BDSM and will tell you it released their soul, there are people who find your definition of Therapy and Recovery beneficial. There is always a subset of people who gets out of it what we want them to get out of it – including the social legitimacy you mention (ask people who LOVE Alcoholics Anonymous and go all the time and you’ll see this).

        It is this small subgroup of people who are helped by these modalities that is pointed to and focused on by medical research and the societal infrastructure that wants to keep us sedated into that construction as you legitimately point out. Mariel rightfully talks about how we are getting drugged up, and you rightfully talk about how we are getting therapy’d and recovery’d up. Every time I go to a doctor of any sort and the MSbP survivorship comes up, they say, “Do you have a therapist?” and I respond, “Are you kidding? I was abused by therapists! Why would I do that?” and they realize that their kneejerk response to “I have mental trauma” is really superficial and possibly rude.

        That being said, I personally feel how you control the healthcare system when you are a vigilante like me (e.g., don’t work at a place that will fire you for speaking out) is you come up with a “better alternative”. I say “better alternative” in quotes because you have to be creative. There are zillions of better alternatives for patients than psychotherapy or drugs – our medical literature is full of them. But the US healthcare system is broken and corrupt in certain ways, so the trick is to align that system’s wants with patient needs for the “better alternative”, and promote that.

        An example Kent gives and we all agree with is how the medical system changed to asking everyone in the ER if they are being abused. That benefits the patient, because she can be protected, and it benefits the healthcare facility, because it can dump the patient in the ER quickly onto other services (social, police, etc.) and GOMER (“get out of my ER”) them quick, and also, escape liability of the guy kills her later.

        In this unusual and serendipitous confluence of interests, the healthcare system is reformed in some little way. It’s isoteric, but you are really intelligent, so maybe you can see what we are trying to do with the Proxy Project – it’s the same playbook. Although I agree with everything you are saying, we are just not taking on the whole infrastructure because I don’t think we could get much done. We are really just biting at its ankles, and just the ankles that appear weak, so to speak.


      • Monika wrote,
        “Therapy and Recovery [as you defined, thank you] are instruments of societal control, not healing”.

        The situation is even worse than that. If someone has been abused the most critical thing they need is justice. Saying that they need healing is simply to shift the focus, to say that they are not even supposed to think about justice.

        There is nothing about the abuse which is in the past. The abuse is ongoing, everytime someone risks showing that the survivor does not have a legitimated identity. No healing will ever repair this. Talk of healing is only a further form of abuse, making it so it is all the survivor’s problem, instead of our society’s problem.

        Talk about healing is simply Second Rape.



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