Surviving Adult Reports Childhood MSbP Torture: Part 4 – The “Crazy” Teenager

In the previous posts, I describe how when I was a little girl, my mother, a psychiatrist and MSbP perpetrator, insisted I had “Lyme disease”. Now, I describe how as I became a teenager, my mother transitioned from insisting I had “Lyme disease” to insisting I instead had “bipolar disorder”.

My bipolar disorder “diagnosis” was convenient for my mother, because it came at a time when I was beginning to show signs of rebellion. I’m a free spirit, and have always had a conflictual relationship with my mother. I would argue with her constantly and her constant mood swings, anger and aggression would upset me. I believe it behooved her to label normal tween behavior as something chemically wrong with me so that she could control me, play the victim role herself, and parade me to different doctors so she could show off how smart she was and what a great doctor she was. In addition, being a psychiatrist made it especially easy for her to manipulate the mental health system in her favor.

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How Can an 11-year-old Have Bipolar Disorder?

My mother decided I had “bipolar disorder” sometime when I was 11 or 12. As a psychiatrist, and being bipolar herself, she should have known what bipolar looks like, right? My sister, now clinically diagnosed as bipolar was ignored, yet she continued to insist that I was the one who was ill, so there is already a disconnect evident here.

I don’t remember feeling bipolar. Bipolar symptoms typically do not present until late teenage years, but even so, I never exhibited the list of symptoms that I was constantly interviewed about at shrink after shrink I visited. It’s much easier to fabricate a mental disorder than a physical one so I think that my mother exaggerated normal behavior to fit the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Being a psychiatrist, she knew exactly what to say to clinicians so I could get the diagnosis. Furthermore, if I didn’t get what she wanted she could write me the medication I needed herself.

Subsequent posts will discuss the bipolar cocktail I was on which basically chemically lobotomized me, and could perhaps account for my very foggy memory of this time period in my life.

Wonder what medications and other poisons are favored by Munchausen moms?

Read an interesting article from the toxicology literature here.

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