Top 45 Most Dramatic REAL Names of Scientific Works on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Happy new year! It’s Monika, the Principal Investigator of the Proxy Project. Instead of writing about sexual abuse or poisoning, today I thought I’d add a little levity to the subject of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP).

We at the Proxy Project consistently complain on our conference calls about the ridiculous names professional scientists give to articles, books and presentations about us getting tortured within inches of our lives by our familial perpetrators due to their severe mental illness. The following titles are all REAL – none of us could have made this up.  The authors obviously didn’t expect any victims to survive, become scientists and MSbP advocates, and then read these, or they probably would have reworded them!

Here they are – along with a little MST3k-style commentary from yours truly. Enjoy!

Gypsy from MST3k

Top 45 Most Dramatic REAL Names of MSbP Scientific Works

…in no particular order…

  1. Folie à deux in the parents of psychosocial dwarfs: two cases – French! Oh, la la!
  2. Induction, identification or folie à deux? – French again! Tres chic! We call it “brainwashing” in English.
  3. Folie à deux and delusional disorder by proxy in a family – I’ll bet there are more than “deux” who are “folied” in this family.
  4. The Dauphin of Munchausen: factitious passage of renal stones in a child – Dauphin? Is that French, too?
  5. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: The hinterland of child abuse – Wait, is this a German fairy tale?Sigurd and Burnhild
  6. Muchausen Syndrome by Proxy:  A clinical fable for our times – Wow, it really is a German fairy tale.
  7. Factitious hypoglycemia: a tale from the Arab world – Excuse me! It’s an Arabian fairy tale!
  8. ABC of child abuse. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – Now I know my ABCs! Next time please stop hurting me!
  9. Munchausen syndrome by proxy : The emerging face of child abuse in Saudi Arabia – Yo! You with the face!
  10. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: An alarming face of child abuse – I take that back. I prefer the “emerging face” to the “alarming face”.
  11. The bacteriologically battered baby: Another case of Munchausen by Proxy – I wonder if they noticed the aliteration…
  12. SIDS, seizures or ‘sophageal reflux? Another manifestation of Munchausen syndrome by proxy – They did this time! The English teacher awards an A for aliteration!
  13. Who’s to blame–mothers, Munchausen or medicine? – Make that an A+!
  14. Fits, faints, or fatal fantasy? Fabricated seizures and child abuse – Dude, you just literally stole the English teacher’s job with that one.
  15. Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome: the triad of abuse, self-abuse, and deception – Is that like a hat trick?Colorful multiple overlapping triangles
  16. A vicious circle: transgenerational attachment representations in a case of factitious illness by proxy – Is it a triad or a circle???
  17. ‘More in sickness than in health’: a case study of Munchausen by Proxy in the elderly – I get it! The marriage vows! Clever!
  18. First, do no harm: the use of covert video surveillance to detect Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – Too late, Sugarpie, the harm was done loooooong before you turned the camera on…
  19. Think again: First, do no harm: A case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – Wait, what am I supposed to do first again?
  20. Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy and Lyme disease: Medical misogyny or diagnostic mystery? – How about “felony child abuse” or “first degree attempted murder”?
  21. Denial in Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: the consulting psychiatrist’s dilemma – Awww, poor psychiatrist!
  22. Munchausen by proxy syndrome: A modern pediatric challenge – Awww, poor pediatricians!
  23. Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP): an extreme form of child abuse with a special forensic challenge – Awww, poor forensic pathologists!
  24. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: ongoing clinical challenges – Awww, poor healthcare system!
  25. Hurting for love: Munchausen by proxy syndrome – Awww, the poor perpetrator!Crowd watching a ship from shore
  26. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: a family anthology – Now Sonny, sit on Granny’s lap and let me tell you stories about when I was a little girl…
  27. [A case of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy in the context of folie a famille] – Oh la la! A French family anthology!
  28. The untreatable family – …and we’re back with the next episode of Another World!
  29. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: a family affair – Wait, wasn’t that yesterday’s episode of Another World?
  30. The suspicious physician – …and now onto General Hospital!
  31. Playing sick?: untangling the web of Munchausen syndrome, Munchausen by proxy, malingering & factitious disorder – You mean we are pretending to be victims?
  32. Expect the unexpected: favourable outcome in Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome – Is this an ad for a tropical resort? If so, where’s my drink???
  33. Mothers on trial: Discourses of cot death and Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy – Next on Judge Judy!Judge Judy next to painting
  34. ‘Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy’ or a ‘miscarriage of justice’? – Judge Judy is really on fire today!
  35. Munchausen by proxy victims in adulthood: a first look – Late afternoon, time for a Lifetime special.
  36. At mother’s mercy: the nightmare of Munchausen syndrome by proxy – I’m confused. Is this a Lifetime special or a horror movie?
  37. Munchausen by mommy – You mean Mommy Dearest? So it IS a horror movie.
  38. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: otolaryngologists beware! – Correction: a low-budget horror movie.
  39. Hemoptysis in children: Sometimes scary sometimes petty – I guess MSbP lends itself to horror movies.
  40. Web of deceit: a literature review of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – Now it’s a spy movie! When does it come out?
  41. The deceit continues: an updated literature review of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – You mean I missed “Web of Deceit”, and this is already the sequel???
  42. Parents, lies, and videotape: covert video surveillance in pediatric care – Oooh, sexy!
  43. The perversion of mothering: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy*SLAP* Pervert!
  44. The child as fetish: theoretical considerations on the etiology of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome – You seriously mean now we’re into porn movies???
  45. Munchausen syndrome presenting as hemophilia: a convenient and economical “steal” of disease and treatment – Sports? I’d prefer to call it an interception at 4th down, myself.

Freakshow Girl on Fire

Unusual! Bizarre! Disturbing! Eye-catching! Strange! Rare! Amazing!

A New Years 2016 BONUS! Here’s a list of papers that irk us at the Proxy Project, because they imply that what happened to us is a spectacle instead of something very tragic and sad that these providers should have been stopping instead of participating in. Another fun list, and yes – believe it or not – these are real, too, complete with the obligatory commentary:

  1. An unusual case of childhood chloral hydrate poisoning – Hm, that’s pretty unusual. I’ve never heard of that.
  2. An unusual case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – Weird, another one? What did they use this time?
  3. [Familiar Munchausen syndrome: an unusual presentation] – If it’s familiar, why does it seem so unusual?
  4. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: unusual manifestations and disturbing sequelae – That’s a teaser if I ever saw one!
  5. An unusual case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy – Sorry, man, after all these articles, I don’t think it’s that unusual anymore.
  6. Munchausen’s Syndrome in children: bizarre clinical and laboratory features – Whoa, bizarre? You mean like a horror movie?
  7. Stockholm syndrome manifestation of Munchausen: an eye-catching misnomer – I noticed it while driving and almost had an accident!
  8. Münchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy. A little-known type of abuse – Are you sure? There are over 50 articles referenced in just this blog post itself.
  9. Patient or pretender: inside the strange world of factitious disorders – Trust me, if you are in one of these families, you get over the strangeness reeeeal quick.
  10. Bloody tears: A rare presentation of Munchausen Syndrome case report and review – I wonder how much it would go for on Ebay…
  11. A Rare Reason in an Infant Who Presented With Recurrent Bleeding: Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome – If this is the second article, is it really that rare?
  12. Urinary obstruction caused by factitious urethral stones: An amazing manifestation of Munchausen syndrome by proxy – All I have to say about this one is:

Totally f***ing amazing, I f***ing s*** you not!

Circus acrobat with unicycle on tightrope

How are these cases so darned unusual and bizarre when the Proxy Project has a Zotero library of hundreds of them???

To end on a positive note…

…we at the Proxy Project will give a shoutout to the top 3 really perfectly-named scientific works on MSbP. Everyone should follow the lead of these authors:

  1. The last frontier:  Myths and the female psychopathic killer – That about says it all!
  2. [Reaction on ‘Filicide; psychiatric disorders in parents who murder their children – a review’] – Awww, are you saying they are bad parents???
  3. From Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy to Medical Child Abuse: Shifting focus to the victim and away from the abuser – Finally! It’s about time!

Bridge over Boston Harbor lit up with red, white and blue.

Happy New Year 2016 from the Proxy Project!

Bridge over Boston Harbor lit up with red, white and blue.

Want to try using Zotero to keep track of your libraries?

Here’s where to download it, and here is my YouTube playlist of short tutorial videos to get you started.

Images by ManiagoUsien, Henry George Theaker, Susan Roberts of Chicopee, USA, the US Navy, C.E. Miller, and Carols Ostos Sabugal.


5 thoughts on “Top 45 Most Dramatic REAL Names of Scientific Works on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

  1. I found this site tonight. My mother had MSbP. My brother and I were both victims. I am lucky to be alive. I am in Boston. I am reaching out to Harvard Med tomorrow for help. Hopefully they will be part of healing and not a continuum of aiding, abetting…or GOD FORBID another frickin teaching moment that has caused me do much relapse and pain. PTSD from residents…OMG. First and foremost the medical community needs to place healing of victims first and OWN their despicable part in this tragedy. I was clear when Zi came to Boston for specialized treatment of my childhood and you would. Not. Believe. It. My medical records are full of b.s. making me out to be a psych case. So…lucky me…my doctors have MSbP…or is it just stupidity?


    • Hello! Thank you for commenting. I’m so sorry that you were moved to Boston for abuse. I was in Mpls but I live in Boston now, and I see a lot of providers that scare me. Did you read my series of posts on the Justine Pelletier case? You also bring up the additional violation of being a teaching prop, which I don’t think was as prevalent in my upbringing as it would be for someone whose perpetrators were at Harvard. I’m very sorry this all happened to you. If you ever want to share your medical records with me, I’d be happy to do forensics on them and show you some underlying meanings. Nothing magic – I just understand the history of medical records documentation so sometimes I can get more forensics out of records than the average bear.

      Oh, and it’s not stupidity. It’s narcissism. It’s kind of like Bernie Madoff, doctor style. Bernie Madoff looked for his marks, just like your doctors did. No one is innocent in this situation (except the victim) – it’s an individual AND system issue. I encourage you to read our book chapter on how to prevent the healthcare system from employing MSbP providers.


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