Sexual Abuse in Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Part 5 – Motives for Medical Sexual Abuse

In my previous posts in this series, I reviewed case studies in two different articles (one from 1989 and one from 1999) on MSbP where medical sexual abuse was going on. Then, in another post, I talked about two different articles representative of two areas of the literature where medical sexual abuse is implied, one focusing on the MSbP perpetrator falsely claiming others were sexually abusing her victim, and the other explaining how MSbP perpetrators contaminate the bloodstream of victims in a variety of ways, including medical sexual abuse.

This post will explain medical sexual abuse from a perspective of the Western allopathic medical system. It requires understanding of obsessive compulsive disorder and anti-social personality disorder.

Ritualistic Behavior and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

It is important to point out that ritualistic actions in Western medicine have been identified generally as part of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which felt to be a symptom of severe anxiety. In OCD, the sufferer can become adamant that particular cleaning rituals must be followed in a particular order. OCD-UK describes the various types of OCD, and describes this type under the heading Contamination. Here is a quote from their page:

“The cleaning or washing is often carried out multiple times often accompanied by rituals of repetitive hand or body washing until the person ‘feels’ it is clean, rather than someone without OCD who will wash or clean once until they ‘see’ they are clean.”

As described in the previous posts, the perpetrators continue to do the ritual genital cleaning (which constitutes medical sexual abuse) even though they are told to stop because they feel the child’s genitals are not clean.

Woman washing hands

But cleaning your own hands over and over is different than cleaning someone else’s hands, and more importantly, than painfully cleaning a child’s genitals. The child will inevitably express discomfort from pain. Why doesn’t that stop these MSbP perpetrators? Why do they continue even though the child is in pain?

Connection with Animal Abuse and Anti-social Personality Disorder

MSbP perpetrators also use pets (companion animals) as victims. They may do the same types of medical sexual abuse on the pet, but this has not been documented to our knowledge. But the use of animals and children as victims points out that the perpetrator does not respond to the protestations of the victims. As noted in the articles, the child victims are told that the painful procedure is necessary to “get the dirt out” or inspect the child for evidence of sexual abuse.

Personality disorders are described by Medline Plus as a group of mental illnesses that “involve long-term patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are unhealthy and inflexible”.

A thread running through all personality disorders is a lack of a certain type of empathy. Mainly, the person with the personality disorder does not realize that other people out there are “other thems” – they see others as detractors in their own life’s game, either out to hurt or help them, and turning regularly on them. Hence, many people with personality disorder also suffer from depression, anxiety, and paranoia.

A very severe type of personality disorder is called anti-social personality disorder. This is the type of personality disorder murderers and rapists tend to have, because these are the types of people who can continue hurting someone repeatedly even though the person is crying out in pain. They are also capable of similar levels of animal cruelty.

Sad dog lying down.

Imagine there is a boy who is molested repeatedly and painfully by a neighbor throughout his childhood. The neighbor seeks out the boy when he wants to relieve stress. The boy is an object, like heroin to a heroin addict. This boy may grow up and do the same thing. In fact, if a victim dies somewhere in the process, it is merely an inconvenience for the perpetrator. This is an analogy to help people understand that medical sexual abuse produces similar results, and is no less dangerous just because it’s medical sexual abuse, and not the kind heard about more frequently.

Medical Sexual Abuse Perpetrators are Usually Also Murderers – Either Now or Later

It is under this light as to how MSbP medical sexual abuse should be seen. Like many others with anti-social personality disorder committing sexual abuse of a child, and engaging in OCD-inspired ritual torture behaviors, the MSbP perpetrator is likely already a murderer, because most MSbP moms identified have been found to have killed at least one child. The murder could be secondary to the sexual abuse or direct from other abuse that is non-sexual. The perpetrator will not stop unless removed from society.

Why are these MSbP perpetrators found to be committing medical sexual abuse left in society to continue to maim and kill? Why are not even their victims spared?

In my final posts in this series, I will tell my story, which will help fill in some blanks left by the scientific literature. Also, you will learn about my dream where I figured this all out.

Interested in murderers with anti-social personality disorder?

Read about four of them here.

Images by National Cancer Institute and


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