Surviving Adult Reports Childhood MSbP Torture: Part 7 – My Mother Gets a Partner

The Story Continues

Monika writes about sexual abuse an MSbP, and links the two together. I have a history of both sexual abuse and MSbP abuse, but not really in the same context. While Monika describes sexual abuse in the form of cleaning rituals, my sexual abuse occurred in a more normative manner, I suppose.

After I was Baker Acted in Florida, as I described in my last post, I suppose my mother got a taste for sending me to institutions. I survived my observation only later to be sent to Red Rock Canyon School in Utah (which Marcus Chatfield talks about in his book, Institutional Persuasion), and later to S.A.F.E. (Substance Abuse Family Education) in Orlando Florida. I will first describe the incidents leading up to my over year-long institutionalization in Utah, and in later posts will describe my adventures at S.A.F.E. which has now been closed due to allegations of abuse, among other things.

Stone building with window with bars

I apologize, dear reader if it seems that I am jumping around, it is difficult for me to chronologically describe what I have experienced; but I digress…

My New “Stepfather”?

I was 15, and my mother (a psychiatrist) decided it was a good idea to have a relationship, and perhaps marriage, with a long-time patient of hers. He was introduced to me quite abruptly, and described himself as a photographer and later an “enforcer” who drove my mother even crazier by convincing her that her house and car were “bugged” and that he would put her guinea pigs into a blender.

Bride and groom

So my new “stepfather” (if in fact they really got married) decided he would befriend me by purchasing drugs and alcohol for me. This later turned into him taking sexual photographs of me and later sexually abusing me.

Now, with that little background, my mother, who despite being the one institutionalizing me periodically, decided to call me one night, while I was at my father’s house. She knew how I hated to be sent away and used this to her advantage. She called me saying my father was going to send me away to rehab and that I needed to get out of his house. Remember, I was a bipolar drug-addict and needed to be sent away periodically.

I don’t know why, but I obliged and at 11 pm one rainy night, I escaped out my father’s basement window to meet my mother and her new husband. In my next post, I will say what happened for the next two weeks at a seedy hotel.

Did you know Red Rock Canyon School is famous for hurting and killing kids who go there?

Read about a recent case where a staff member raped three kids at Red Rock Canyon School.

Photographs by Imagaril and Allan Ajifo.



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