Doctor Alice Newton Accused in Pelletier Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – Provider Type Case

Yesterday, I published a blog post on the case of juvenile Justina Pelletier which has been crisscrossing the news – where I described why I thought Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP) played a role in her kidnapping and false imprisonment in the psych ward at Children’s Hospital in Boston. In that post, I ask the media to try to identify and investigate her provider perpetrators, who I believe are at Children’s somewhere. I’m quite convinced that the Pelletier case is a case of MSbP Perpetrator – Provider Type, and that she and her family are innocent victims of this.

Doctors examine teenager

Immediately after I published my blog, I became aware that the accused perpetrators were actually named in a press release on Christian News Wire:  They are Alice Newton, Jurriaan Peters, and Simona Bujoreanu, all MD’s at Children’s. In this post, I look specifically at what the evidence is against Dr. Alice Newton.

Public Evidence Against Alice Newton

Imagine my surprise when I immediately found a Boston Globe article from only a few months ago documenting Dr. Newton’s MSbP Perpetrator – Provider Type behavior! Let me quote a little from the article:

“After toiling in relative obscurity for nearly two decades, Newton has recently emerged as one of the state’s most controversial pediatricians, admired by many but reviled in some legal circles as a messianic physician who is too eager to see a dark side in the parents and caretakers who bring ailing — or dead — children into the emergency room”

“In the past few years, her medical judgment has been openly questioned in three high-profile cases, two of which involved shaken-baby abuse charges that were later dropped. The third involved her role in filing medical abuse charges against parents of a Connecticut teenager on grounds that they were seeking overly aggressive and inappropriate care for their daughter. She has received threatening calls and letters, and has taken some security precautions.”

Per the article, Newton has been referred to as a “maniac” who recklessly misuses her medical power, that she has become a prosecutor more than a doctor, and that it is “shocking” that she is in charge of the child abuse team at a hospital.

Is Alice Newton Really an MSbP Perpetrator Who is Working at Children’s?

That’s what it looks like to me, so I hope that the legal actions combined with investigations by the press reveal the truth. We don’t really know the answer to this question unless the correct evidence about Dr. Newton is gathered.

The eyes of a teenager

In my next blog post, I will discuss the most famous case (in my opinion) of the condition of MSbP Perpetrator – Provider Type, Dr. Roy Meadow. Dr. Meadow was never convicted of this, but he was never charged, so we do not know if he really was MSbP Perpetrator – Provider Type. In another post, I document the similarities between Dr. Meadow’s case and Dr. Newton’s situation right now.

Want to Read about the Current Prouty Garden Controversy at Children’s Hospital?

It’s a much less sinister topic! Read about it here.

Photograph of teenager being examined by National Cancer Institute. Photograph of eyes by Anneyla.


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