Dr. Roy Meadow’s History & MSbP Perpetrator – Provider Type

In my recent posts, I discuss the Justina Pelletier case, and point out that I think this is a case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP) Perpetrator – Provider Type, which has not been written about in the scientific literature. This is mainly because the loudest voices in the scientific literature appear to provide evidence of their own MSbP perpetration.

If this sounds confusing, this blog post should make this idea clear. In my last post, I review the evidence that one of Pelletier’s accused perpetrators, Dr. Alice Newton at Boston Children’s, has actually been called out for this exact behavior (although the press did not label it MSbP Perpetrator – Provider Type due to lack of this vocabulary).

Doctors and paperwork

In this post, I describe the most classic accused MSbP Perpetrator – Provider Type who was actually put through the British court system for his crimes – Dr. Roy Meadow. Although he was found not guilty of “serious professional misconduct”, I argue that he still displayed evidence of MSbP Perpetrator – Provider Type, and probably should have instead been charged with “false information to police” and “obstruction of justice”.

Famous Alleged MSbP Perpetrator – Provider Type Roy Meadow

Unfortunately, the big names in MSbP research have themselves displayed evidence of MSbP Perpetrator – Provider Type. I can’t prove this about Dr. Meadow, but I’ll present the evidence here, and you decide.

Some Provider Type MSbP Perpetrators may have started out that way, as I repeatedly accuse Drs. Libow and Schreier in a series of blog posts I am publishing on their landmark work on the topic of MSbP. Also, it seems that Mariel’s mom, a psychiatrist, was always that way, as long as Mariel can remember.

Others became that way – like I will argue Roy Meadow did. And I think Dr. Meadow’s trajectory is parallel to that of Dr. Newton, which I’ll explain in a subsequent post.

Meadow’s Rise to Power

Roy Meadow was a British pediatrician who identified and named MSbP Perpetrator – Parent Type in 1976. (I add the “parent type” because the “provider type” is not recognized by providers themselves.) I say “was” because I think his career is now too ruined for him to practice, even though he’s still alive.

Briefly, after identifying and naming MSbP its whimsical name, he became famous for writing a whimsical tale that somehow was considered “science” and was published in 1969 in the Lancet called “The Captive Mother”. He talked about an MSbP mom poisoning her son with salt, and another MSbP mom who had put her own blood into her baby’s urine sample. His popularity grew as a child abuse advocate (partly due to his colorful personality), and he was knighted in 1998 for “services to child health”.

Chainlink Fence

Meadow’s Carnage

After achieving his position, Dr. Roy Meadow went on a rampage, falsely accusing many mothers and nannies (or other “childminders”) of being MSbP perpetrators when they were obviously not.

  • He insisted that if you were a mom who had three babies who died, you must have automatically killed them using MSbP approaches.
  • He made up statistics.
  • He was called out in the scientific literature for “self-aggrandizement”.
  • He insisted the death of two babies, children of Sally Clark, were MSbP. They weren’t; the second child had staph infection. Clark’s conviction was overturned in 2003, but she killed herself in 2007, and many feel it is due to Meadow’s MsBP Perpetration – Provider Type behavior.
  • Meadow, during the same early 2000s time period as Sally Clark’s case, also was found to have been instrumental in the false conviction of MSbP perpetration (parent or caregiver type) in the following cases that were overturned: Trupti Patel, Angela Cannings, Donna Anthony, and Ian & Angela Gay.
  • There are other parents and caregivers in prison currently due to Dr. Meadow’s earlier actions who are awaiting appeals that will probably provide evidence that the babies in question died of natural causes – evidence that was not presented at their initial court hearings.
  • Sally Clark’s father brought Meadow to the General Medical Council alleging “serious professional misconduct”. In 2005, they found him guilty, but on appeal, he was ultimately found not guilty. However, they did not charge him with “false information to police” or “obstruction of justice”, which appear to actually be his real crimes.

How Does this Relate to Accused Perpetrator Dr. Alice Newton?

In my next post, I’ll describe the parallels I see between Dr. Meadow’s case and Dr. Newton’s situation right now.

Did you know that many Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) cases turn out to be MSbP murders?

Read about it in my short series of blog posts here.

Image of doctors with paperwork by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Chain link fence by GLady on Pixabay.


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