“Baby Bernie” Dies of SIDS? Are you sure it’s not MSbP? Part 2

This is my second post in a two-post series about 4-month-old Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis, whose family dressed him as Bernie Sanders and paraded him around at Sanders rallies, and who has been recently covered in the media as dying of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). My first post made an evidence-based argument that each case of purported SIDS should be investigated to rule out an MSbP murder. I listed the attributes of SIDS murders and MSbP perpetrators that have been found to be relevant in the literature.

Here, in my second post, I review the evidence in the public domain about this particular case. Unlike the case with Justina Pelletier, where I could find no red flags displayed for MSbP behavior in the family, there are a lot of red flags displayed here. I feel the media are letting us all down by not exploring these angles, so I end this post with a plea to the media to look into this case more deeply. If does happen to be a case of murder, the murderer should be identified and convicted.

Case for Baby Bernie

I’ll set forth the evidence, you decide for yourself. In my last post, I listed the type of forensic evidence that one would expect to see if the family were indeed an MSbP family. Here, I present the evidence that I see.

  1. Baby Bernie’s mom likes attention. She’s all over Facebook and Twitter. She first put Baby Bernie on a Rose Parade float in Pasadena, CA dressed up on January 1, when the baby was even younger.
  2. Baby Bernie’s father is MIA. A male “friend” comments on the child. The only people mentioned are the baby’s mom and her mom, and the mom’s six siblings. The media don’t even mention his father.
  3. There is a lack of appropriate affect. Given what a SIDS death is, most parents spend a lot of time talking about the autopsy results and the various investigations into why the baby died. Instead, on this GoFundMe page, the auntie (mom’s sibling) seems bubbling, even giddy. This Fox article has the mom bubbling in the weirdest way. I find it creepy. This is how my mom was after my sister’s death, because she got flowers, presents, and attention.
  4. There is a focus by the family on self and money. In GoFundMe, they say they do not need money – donations have been “more than enough to cover costs for funeral and counseling” – but what about the extensive autopsy costs associated with investigating mysterious causes of death?
  5. There is a focus by the family away from the tragedy of a child dying of unknown causes. Why are they collecting money on GoFundMe? They are saying they will give the money to some SIDS foundation. They do not name the SIDS foundation because I don’t think they have any, since SIDS is not a real diagnosis, as I said. I found a couple of them, but since SIDS as a “breathing” or “sleeping” disorder has been debunked, no one really can successfully study it.

Baby Bernie’s Mom quoted from here: “He came for the holidays. He made me so happy, and he’s gone. It feels like it’s just a dream.” Really?

RIP tweet from mom:

Where are the Media?

The media should be investigating all these angles, but instead, they are lapping up the family’s voluminous and exploitative tweets, Facebook posts, digital propaganda, and press releases. Shame on them!

  • Breitbart, an outlet that usually attacks any suspicion, just ate this one up.
  • The New York Times even tried to legitimize SIDS with a quote from the CDC, saying roughly 1,500 SIDS babies die every year in the US.

Instead, the media should be looking into:

  • What medical interventions did Baby Bernie have in his 4 short months of life?
  • Where is his father? What does he think?
  • Why was his mother dressing him up and parading him in front of the media when he was only a few months old? Many parents don’t bring their kids out much at that age.
  • What did the autopsy investigations show? Why was the death ruled SIDS?

A crime may have occurred here, and if law enforcement is missing it, it’s the job of the media to enlighten us to the facts around it.

CDC is saying roughly 1,500 SIDS babies die every year in the US. Using Dr. Emery’s estimate from my last post, that means 150-300 unsolved murders. Where are the media???

Did you know that the first case that caused SIDS to be named SIDS was actually serial MSbP?

Read about it here.


One thought on ““Baby Bernie” Dies of SIDS? Are you sure it’s not MSbP? Part 2

  1. The details here strike me as superficially similar to the moms mentioned in the Sandy Hook shooting (as blogged here on Proxy Project by Kenton V. Stone). The mother is all over social media about herself, the money, the gifts, the sympathy for the “problem:; there’s no father present.
    Now, my older sister did die of something that, at the time of her death, was believed not to be possible. Now it has a name, and she met the profile for it. So I do know that these things can occur. Medical science catches on (or up) rather later than the grieving families do. And in the interim, families are left scrambling to invent, imagine, etc., on their own. In that regard, I feel incredible sympathy for the parents of those whose children die for no apparent discernible cause, and have devastating questions hanging over them. Was it me? My DNA? My going near a smoking person in my second trimester? My parenting? I heard all of those from my mother.

    For those who throw their child into the spotlight for their own gain, emotional or financial? Even if it does not extend to the clinical definitions of abuse, it’s worrying.


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