Surviving Adult Reports Childhood MSbP Torture: Part 14 – S.A.F.E. and Phases

Two-color landscape

In my last post, I described how I went all the way from Utah to Orlando, FL and somehow survived the intake at S.A.F.E. Here, I continue my story of what happened to me at S.A.F.E.

My Memory of S.A.F.E.

It’s difficult to revisit my time at S.A.F.E. and write it sequentially because my memory is so spotty.  Reading this article about S.A.F.E. really helped put it into order. My days were like one big blur; each rap (which I’ll describe in future posts) blended into the next, just as the days did.

Train tracks

It was all overshadowed with intense dread, anxiety, and fear.  This was all because I didn’t have control over my program; no one did, really.  The group had this overarching power and could dictate how long you stayed in the program.

The Phases

Speaking of which, I have been meaning to get to the phases; there were five of them. This is the progression of your program. It’s from most to least restrictive, and follows a typical cultlike indoctrination process.

There were only three ways to leave S.A.F.E.: Die, run away and somehow not get caught, and complete the five phases and graduate.

Chainlink Fence

However, before I cover the phases, let me first describe the days at S.A.F.E. for you and what they were like. In my next post, I talk about our daily schedule.

Do you have a local facility in your state that is part of the Troubled Teen Industry (TTI)?

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Landscape by Unsplash on Pixabay. Train tracks also by Unsplash on Pixabay. Fence image by Glady on Pixabay.


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