Wondering: a poem



You want to see

All my blood my guts my lack of glory

You lap it up

Eager as a dog at the water bowl in summer


That’s my blood

My guts my nightmares on the screen

My daily agony

Packaged for your infotainment


It has no smell

No sound no taste no burn on skin

It has no bile

No tears-turned-vomit marking shame


More give more

Is always the Colosseum cry

Till even the lions pause


At the thirsty crowd’s acclaim.


CE Miller

March 2016


Sleeping North American mountain lion by log


Image by Skeeze


2 thoughts on “Wondering: a poem

  1. Hello, CE Miller. This is a very moving poem. I had to read it a few times to have it sink in completely. It is very dark and extremely well-expressed.

    Because I know you personally, I know that you are the rescuer of animals. I was intrigued then at how animals play a role in this poem – the dog, the lions. I realize that they are side characters; the main character is the perpetrator, but it is interesting how they make their appearence.

    I feel like a subtle message in this poem is about how the perpetrator could turn people and animals into “animals” the way we use the term – savage, and without ethics. Not like our pets or the animals you rescue – the “red in tooth and claw” version.

    Thank you for this poem.


    • I didn’t see it until I read your comment, Monika, but the imagery draws heavily on my knowledge of ancient Roman culture, which was (like perpetrators in my life) militant and ordered to one side, then decadently uncaring of “others” to the other. Ethics applied selectively. Dark, as you say, but images in my nightmares must get out of my head *somehow*!


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