Proxy Project’s Dr. Kent Stone Gains Tenure, to Speak at Winchester Unitarian

This week, the Proxy Project is proud to announce that Dr. Kenton V. Stone, Associate Professor at Allegany College of Maryland and co-investigator on the Proxy Project, gained tenure at his college. Dr. Stone began teaching at Allegany College after serving as Director of Latin American Studies at Drake University. He teaches classes on end-of-life care in the nursing program.

Book cover of Utopia Undone by Dr. Kenton V. StoneDr. Stone is the author of Utopia Undone: The Fall of Uruguay in the Novels of Carlos Martinez Moreno. Alongtime expert in medical humanities, religion, and the Spanish language, Dr. Stone brings both his experiences as a hospital chaplain and his memories of growing up in a missionary family in Uruguay during its fall of democracy in 1976. After the military coup came the “Dirty War”, named as such because it was the military against the civilians. Recently, President Obama formally apologized for the US backing the coup (under Henry Kissinger), and declassified the US documents for the historical record.

Speaking Engagement at Winchester Unitarian Church in May

Winchester Unitarian Church interior

Dr. Stone, who lives in Cumberland, MD, will also be at guest speaker at the Winchester Unitarian Church in Winchester, MA on Sunday, May 1. This gorgeous church includes extensive stained glass windows. He will be speaking on the topic of “Hope after Hope,” inspired by the band Rush. Mariel and Monika will go see him, and we will report back about what uplifting words we will be certain to hear!


Rush in Concert

Congratulations! We love you, Kent! You are our Rock Star!!!

Photograph of book cover by Monika Wahi. Photograph of interior of Winchester Unitarian Church courtesy of Winchester Unitarian Church. Picture of RUSH by Enrico Frangi.

Want Kent (or any one of us) to speak at your event?

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