Surviving Adult Reports Childhood MSbP Torture: Part 20 – S.A.F.E. Phase 4

Pills and drink

In my previous posts, I describe how I ended up at S.A.F.E., a facility that is part of the Troubled Teen Industry (TTI). In my last post, I described what was required of people at Phase 3 of the program. In this post, I’ll describe Phase 4.

Phase 4

Drug-free for Drug Addicts

This is the phase where we are supposed to be working on building friendships that are drug-free.  We do everything like Phase 3, but spend less time in the actual building.  We can go to 12 step meetings with other “Safelings”.

I remember, I went to a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting with someone, as support, and boy, I have never experienced anything like that before!

But were we “Drug Addicts”?

Chef smoking…although I was a regular at 12 step meetings, because I was supposedly an
alcoholic and drug addict.  It felt so strange, hearing all these stories from “oldtimers” who have drank and drugged their days away.  People who had been prostitutes, been to prison, even people who have injured people drunk driving!

Here I was, barely 17 years old.

“Um…. Yeah, I smoked some pot and dabbled in other drugs, but I’M AN ADDICT AND AN ALCOHOLIC!!!”

How to Pretend to be a Drug Addict

I felt like I would have to embellish my stories if I wanted to share in a meeting (and sharing was a favorable thing, and looked good in group!). People accepted that I was an addict, and of course, I had to accept that fact as well, or I couldn’t leave the program.  It is only now, many years removed, that I know this isn’t true.  I can drink one glass of wine at night without “hitting rock bottom”.

Phase 4 was also Risky

Again, the threat of being dropped phases loomed heavy in these high phases.  If I wanted to be dishonest, now was not the time to do it, although, sometimes the group would find something I couldn’t!  It wasn’t up to me.  Only one more phase to go…read about it in my next post.

Curious about Troubled Teen Industry (TTI) schedules?

You can learn how to brainwash others! I published one here for Red Rock Canyon’s schedule.

Photographs by ZngZng and Robert Prax on Pixabay.


2 thoughts on “Surviving Adult Reports Childhood MSbP Torture: Part 20 – S.A.F.E. Phase 4

  1. In my observation, Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Born Again Christianity, and Psychiatric Medications all work pretty much the same way. And in my communications to the DA and the Court, pertaining to the Pentecostal Daughter Molester, I repeatedly emphasized this.

    Most of the members of his church have a serious history with Alcohol and Drugs, before they got Saved of course. Then when the cost of using alcohol and drugs gets to be too high, they make the pledge and get Saved. Sometimes it is because they want to have a claim to moral authority as their own children are reaching adolescence.

    What this amounts to is not just trading one addiction for another, it is a serious progression of addictions. And then primed with all that fatalism, dancing around calling out the name of the idol, hoping he will finally hear you and make it rain on you, one is far more primed for even deeper binges. And often as not this is what happens.

    And in that church, virtually all of them have a scapegoat child. Usually it is a scapegoat child and a scapegoat sibling. And with the later, what that means is that they have accepted the interpretation of their parents.

    And their pastor goes along with all of this.

    Is this MSpB? I don’t know, but it certainly is driven by a need to find Original Sin in the child, to use the child as a Poison Container.



  2. I’m reminded of growing up as a child of a survivor of MSbP (via his parent, my grandparent), where you had to be sick to be okay with the grandparent, but to my parent… To be okay was to never be ill. It was a terrible trap, a no-win, all-lose, similar to what you describe. You have to admit to what you aren’t, even “be” what you aren’t, for survival.



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