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Libow, Schreier, & Munchausen by Proxy: Part 13 – Pediatric Challenge

In my previous posts, I review the work of Drs. Judith “Judy” Libow, psychologist, and Dr. Herbert Schreier, psychiatrist, who wrote extensively about MSbP in the 1990s. In the next two posts, I focus on two 1994 articles they co-authored, and the scientific reaction to the second of these two articles, which introduces a new […]
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“Anatomy of an Epidemic”: A Book Review and my Thoughts, Part 2

This series of posts reviews the book, “Anatomy of an Epidemic” by Robert Whitaker, and explains where I see parallels between my own experience as a Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP) survivor and the argument Whitaker makes in the book. In my first post in this series, I introduced the book and why it resonated with […]
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The Family Lore, The Family Lie

One day, in an e-mail conversation with Monika, I abruptly understood what it means to have a light bulb pop into life over my head. In one sense, I feel silly. I aced math classes. Why did it take until 2015 for me to realize a fundamental error in the arithmetic? Why did I not […]
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Libow, Schreier, & Munchausen by Proxy: Part 12 – Book’s Weaknesses

In this series of posts, I review the scientific work in the field of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP) published by authors Libow & Schreier. In my recent posts, I discussed my reaction to their book on the topic, “Hurting for Love”, and also began to discuss a book review published by Dr. Dierdre Conway […]
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I Wake Screaming

I wake screaming Dear God Fate Cosmos Save me I have zombies Hungry thirsty gray-eyed Living memories Thudding on the door I cannot wake Until I am able to scream Please God Fate Cosmos Save me Save me from thinking That zombies are normal.   Images by Geralt and ClkerFreeVectorImages via Pixabay; photo by author