Surviving Adult Reports Childhood MSbP Torture: Part 21 – S.A.F.E. Phase 5

People yelling

In my last few posts, I described what phases a patient had to ascend in order to “graduate” from S.A.F.E., a torture facility that is part of the Troubled Teen Industry (TTI). In this post, I describe the final phase before graduation: Phase 5.

Phase 5

Yelling at Peers

This is the last phase of the program, and now, instead of sitting in the awful blue chairs straight, hands on knees, looking at the speaker, feet firmly on the floor, and motivating when appropriate, I got to stand on the side of group and it was fully expected that I yell, scream, and “lovingly” demean those dishonest lower phasers in group.  I couldn’t progress in the program without heavily confronting my peers, and fifth phase is when you were supposed to confront the heaviest.

Spying on Peers

Fifth phasers had little notebooks that they would carry around and other clients would give the hand signal, I would come over and they would whisper in my ear other people’s transgressions.  I would write them down, and during confrontation rap, I would bring them up and people would get confronted, cry admit their wrongdoings, and sit down after being publicly shamed and humiliated.

Army soldiers taking notes

Delayed Fifth Phase Vacation

Something to look forward to on fifth phase was the fifth phase vacation.  We would get to spend a week out of the building with our families.  I remember I got “sat down” in group right before my fifth phase vacation.  This means that I temporarily got set back to Phase 1; my transgression, which slips my mind now, although I can be certain it had to do with “dishonesty”, was severe, but not severe enough for my program to be started over.

Finally, Fifth Phase Vacation

I was confronted for a week straight, until the day before my vacation, I got my fifth phase back.  There was a female sharing rap, and I shared about how my mom helped her husband molest me, and I cried the appropriate tears, the group got their juicy bit of gossip, and BAM! I was back on fifth, just before my vacation.

My mom, sister and I went to Universal Studies and in pictures I am wearing a black tank top with the work “sober” written in white on it.  How embarrassing!

But that’s not all…

There was aftercare, which I will describe. But in my next post, let me reflect on how medications were handled at S.A.F.E.

If you were ever imprisoned in a TTI, do you have any pictures from the time?

Tell us about them in your comments!

Photographs by Albert Herring of Tulane Public Relations and the US Navy.


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