Stone Speaks, Chance Writes and Rides, Miller Takes the Reins, Wahi Researches, & Dignan Moves On

This is Monika, and I’m so excited! So much is happening with the Proxy Project all at once, I thought I’d better give you all an update!

Dr. Stone Speaks at Winchester Unitarian Society

Proxy Project at the Unicorn Park Marriott

From left: Monika Wahi, Dr. Kent Stone, and Mariel Chance. We are so happy to have one of those rare in-person meetings at the Unicorn Park Marriott!

As we mentioned in a previous post, the most handsome and holy Dr. Kent Stone spoke at the Winchester Unitarian Society, but Monika, Mariel, and Chris (Mariel’s partner) did not stay for the speech. Instead, they attended the dinner the night before.

Mariel Chance Does Guest Blog Post on Mad in America

Mariel read Mad in America, a book by Robert Whitaker, about the history of psychiatry in the US. She contacted the author concurring with the results of his in-depth research he reports in his book, and not only wrote a book review on our blog, but was invited to write a post on his blog. Her post, “Daughter of a Psychiatrist”, summarizes some of the events in her life that she posted here in her “Surviving Adult” series.

Mad in America appears to be a very well-read blog and is driving some traffic to our site. Welcome everyone! I hope you benefit from what you read here.

Mariel Chance to Participate in Last Gasp Ride

Mariel is raising sponsorship pledge money for her Last Gasp Ride. Organized by the Cape Cod Charitable FunRaisers, Inc., The Last Gasp event is a “daylong fundraising event for eight of the Cape’s most distinguished nonprofit organizations”.

Want to Sponsor Mariel? Click here, choose “Last Gasp Rider” and then choose Mariel Chance from the list, and donate!

C.E. Miller Takes the Reins, Keeps the Proxy Project Going Strong

While Kent is exhausted from getting tenure, I’m exhausted from teaching, and Mariel’s exhausted from all that writing while also working, C.E. Miller has been exhausted, too, but is also carrying the Proxy Project, answering many of your comments and e-mails and being the most prolific writer this month on our blog. She also reported on her experience at the Richmond Together Walk. Thanks for keeping us going!

Monika Wahi Does Research in Minnesota

Well, I also had some fun, too. The research I did was interview my mom, and also, visit with Seebs, who is co-authoring a book with me on R for SAS users. I also painted this picture with my old high school buddies.

Trees and sky in Connecticut.

Original photograph.

Monika with her Painting

My version.

Katie Finished her Internship

You might have found yourself here at the Proxy Project blog because Katie Dignan, our Social Marketing Intern, lured you here through tweets from our Twitter account or through the beautiful work she has done on our Pinterest boards. Now, it is time for her to move on and jump into her career in nursing at her new job at WVU Medicine.

Thanks for all your help, Katie! Good luck in the future!

Has your life been touched by MSbP?

Would you like to write a guest post on our blog? Write to us at and let us know what you have in mind!

Images courtesy of Mariel Chance and Monika Wahi.



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