Libow, Schreier, & Munchausen by Proxy: Part 19 – Schreier’s Later Direction

In this series of blog posts, I review the scientific writings of Drs. Libow & Schreier, original voices in the MSbP literature. In my previous posts, I describe their work together, including their book “Hurting for Love”, criticisms of some of their writing and scientific approaches, and articles on various topics published by the duo, and also by Dr. Schreier, either alone or with other co-authors.

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In this post, I cover works by both Libow & Schreier, but focus on Schreier because he has several, in a prolific year for both them, which was 2002.

2002 is a Big Year

Along with the 2002 definitional position paper, Schreier again teams up with Ayoub and another author to talk about MSbP in special education, weighs in again on definitions in single-authored article in Pediatrics (which apparently has an error he corrects in 2004 – I could not get the article or the error), and teams up again with Ayoub on a “Casebook companion” to the position paper.

Along the way, he does a shoutout to the famous MSbP case of Kathy Bush, who was actually convicted. It’s a very good article, in my opinion, as it summarizes the salient facts of the case from a scientific standpoint.

Also in 2002, he publishes what he calls a “follow-up” to a case – but what really happens is he runs into a colleague who is treating an MSbP family that Schreier treated earlier in life and who was lost to follow-up. So basically, the perpetrator doctor-shopped around to the point that Dr. Schreier was alerted to the case again. By then, at least one child (Billy) had been murdered, and another (Lee) had somehow survived to age 14. They relate to how they had reported on Billy and
Lee at various points in the literature. Then they say:

He is receiving mental health services and wishes to reunite with his mother when he is out of state custody at age 18.



Reunite with the perpetrator? What if she kills him?

They don’t talk in the recommendations how to protect Lee after he turns 18. And because of this, I today don’t know how to protect my brother.



Final Thoughts from Dr. Schreier on MSbP

In 2003, Dr. Schreier writes a book section on MSbP in the Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences with some co-authors, but other than reporting on the error in his previous work in 2004, his final publication I could find is in 2008, and is a response to a 2007 paper on the topic which was not authored by Libow, Schreier or Ayoub. I will cover this in my next post, which will focus on Dr. Libow’s work.

Want to see a News Report about Kathy Bush?

This is a really good one, where they interview her and get her side of the story.

Photo of sunset by geralt. Photo of mother and son by Amir har-gil.


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