Libow, Schreier, & Munchausen by Proxy: Part 25 – Wrap Up

This post wraps up a long series of posts I did reviewing the scientific works of Drs. Judith Libow and Herbert Schreier that focused on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP). Here is a succinct overview:

Blog Posts and Topics

Part 1 – Introduction: Discussion of the difference in perspectives of those who do public health vs. healthcare delivery

Part 2 – The “Tango” of MSbP: Discussion of how the healthcare system must comply with the perpetrator for the abuse to occur.

Part 3 – Psychologist & Psychiatrist: Discussion of the different roles of psychologists and psychiatrists in the healthcare system.

Part 4 – Heroes & Advocates? Discussion of psychologist Dr. Libow and psychiatrist Dr. Schreier’s specific professional backgrounds.

Part 5 – Two Caveats: Discussion of two caveats to keep in mind when reading the MSbP scientific literature.

Part 6 – First Article: Discussion of Libow & Schreier’s landmark first article together on MSbP, published in 1986.

Part 7 – Bias and Perversion: Discussion of biases in epidemiology and how they impact Libow & Schreier’s work, and also, a discussion of their “Perversion of Mothering” article.

Part 8 – Article and Book: Discussion of a 1993 article by the duo, followed by the first book on the topic that they write and title “Hurting for Love”.

Part 9 – Monika’s Book Critique: Discussion of my take on the usefulness of the book.

Part 10 – More Book Critique: My final take on the book, and introduction to another researcher who reviewed the book.

Part 11 – Book Description: Dr. Deirdre Conway Rand published a book review, and this discusses her description of “Hurting for Love” in her review.

Part 12 – Book’s Weaknesses: Using evidence from Conway Rand’s book review, I highlight important weaknesses I see in the book.

Part 13 – Pediatric Challenge: Discussion of Libow & Schreier’s article, “MSbP: A modern pediatric challenge.”

Part 14 – A Clinical Fable: Discussion of Libow & Schreier’s article, “MSbP: A clinical fable for our times,” including a counterpoint published in a letter to the editor by another researcher, Dr. Carek.


Part 15 – Reflection on Dr. Carek: Discussion of thoughts that Dr. Carek expressed in his letter.

Part 16 – Libow & Schreier’s Defense – Rounds 1 & 2: I describe two counterattacks Libow & Schreier make in their response to Dr. Carek’s letter.

Part 17 – Libow & Schreier’s Defense – Rounds 3 & 4: Here, I describe the final two counterattacks on Dr. Carek’s letter.

Part 18 – Schreier’s Initial Direction: Discussion of Schreier’s initial research direction in MSbP, which evolved somewhat independently from Libow’s.

Part 19 – Schreier’s Later Direction: Discussion of Schreier’s later research direction in MSbP.

Part 20 – Libow’s Direction: Discussion of Libow’s independent direction in MSbP research.

Part 21 – Food Fight #2: Here, Libow & Schreier (and colleagues) write a letter attacking an article by researcher Dr. Stirling, instigating a second scientific food fight in the literature.

Part 22 – Food Fight Continues: Discussion of two points made by Libow & Schreier in their letter, and Dr. Stirling’s response.

Part 23 – “A First Look” at Adult MSbP Survivors: This describes an article by Dr. Libow – the only article the Proxy Project could find that studies adult survivors of MSbP.

Part 24 – A Surviving Epidemiologist’s Perspective: My personal opinion about the impact of the scientific works of Drs. Libow and Schreier on the field of MSbP, and what we can take from it.

What do you think of this series on Libow & Schreier’s work?

Was it helpful? Is there more you want to know? Do you have any ideas that could help the Proxy Project find more use in this literature? Please comment below!

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One thought on “Libow, Schreier, & Munchausen by Proxy: Part 25 – Wrap Up


    This book is really good. And it coming out of that isolation ward in Providence which serves the entire state of Rhode Island, meaning all races and socio economic levels. They give detailed statisics, and they are specifically working to get beyond the perpetrator based MSbP understanding.

    And the second author, Carole Jenny, is the one being sited by the Boston Globe pertaining to the handling of Justina Pelletier by BCH and Dr. Alice Newton.


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