Anonymous Hacker named Martin Gottesfeld on Hunger Strike for Justina Pelletier

Global map with man standing in front and the word "hacked" in all capitals.

No, that’s not a mistaken headline: you can be an Anonymous hacker with a first and last name. But admittedly, this is a little complicated, so let me give you some background.

What Exactly do I Mean by Anonymous?

There is this activist hacker group calling themselves Anonymous – and they are generally anonymous, colluding online using pseudonyms. Anonymous is an anarchistic group, meaning it is loosely organized with no hierarchy. As described by the blog WB3Security,

“Anonymous could at different times be anyone. That is the power of a distributed identity.”

Because of their anarchistic nature, they have no stated mission, but WB3Security puts it this way:

“Anonymous seems to have a social agenda of targeting injustice across the globe, and helping those who are without an audience or voice.

Anonymous is behind several famous social justice-related hacks, including against the Church of Scientology, the FBI (due to their shutdown of an internet site due to copy infringement), and child pornography sites.

MSbP Provider Types and Justina Pelletier’s Case

If you have been following the Proxy Project blog, you’ve seen posts by me where I make the argument that the only way Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP) perpetrators are so successful at hurting their victims is that there are MSbP “provider types” in the healthcare system that collude with them. At times, these “provider types” act independently of the patients and their families, and this MSbP provider behavior is often difficult to understand and interpret.

For example, I hypothesize that Charles Cullen, a nurse who admitted to murdering hundreds of people by injecting them with lethal amounts of the drug digoxin, is an MSbP provider type. And previously this year, in several blog posts, I argue that I believe Dr. Alice Newton, aphysician at Children’s Hospital in Boston, is responsible for what I believe is MSbP provider type behavior against a patient, Justina Pelletier, that was widely reported in the news.

Children's Hospital in Boston.

Anonymous vs. Dr. Alice Newton and Children’s Hospital

I didn’t realize this, but right about the time I was getting furious about Justina’s treatment and was wondering if there was a “provider type” behind it, Anonymous was getting mad about the same thing. They launched an attack on Boston Children’s computer systems as reported by Slate in April 2014. Anonymous posted a YouTube video explaining why:

“To the Boston Children’s Hospital why do you employ people that clearly do not put patient’s first? We demand that you terminate Alice W. Newton from her employment or you to shall feel the full unbridled wrath of Anonymous. Test us and you shall fail.”

Apparently, the hack did not bring down all of the systems, just some of them.

Martin Gottesfeld’s Hunger Strike

Today, I learned that one of the people involved in the hack, Martin Gottesfeld, age 32, was arrested in February when he and his wife were attempting to flee the country to escape him facing indictment for participating in the hacking effort with Anonymous, which he acknowledged. He’s in prison now in Rhode Island awaiting trial and protesting with a hunger strike. Per ABC News, his hunger strike is because:

“Gottesfeld wants the presidential candidates to pledge to protect children who’ve been sent to residential treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals and other institutions … Gottesfeld said he will not eat again until these demands are met.”

He said his weight has gone down from 204 to 182 pounds so far. He also says:

“I love my life and I love my wife, and I want to get back to both of them very badly, but this cause is more important than any one individual. And the suffering of these children must stop, and the persecution of these advocates also must stop.”

Why do you think Anonymous targeted Dr. Alice Newton and Boston Children’s?

We’d love to hear your reasoning. Post below in our comments section.

Images by Pete Linforth and Joseph Barillari.


5 thoughts on “Anonymous Hacker named Martin Gottesfeld on Hunger Strike for Justina Pelletier

  1. No action on the court schedule since 8/25/2016.*2GEi-OLVyqZIPJlvLQTjZpuOENQM*WzZ2ruGuRFgO*EzcQ

    But we have this news broadcast


    As I have said, saying she had a psychiatric problem was always a mistake. There is no such thing as mental illness. But at least the news is making it clear that the thesis was that her parents were causing this.

    That was always the real issue, protecting her from her parents.

    And as you hear her parents today, they have had a huge amount of coaching in how to talk.

    Please Join:


    • Nomadic,

      I’m so happy to hear from you! Merry Christmas!

      Thank you so much for this link. This is interesting – the news does not even try to interview Children’s to try to figure out why they withdrew treatment for Justina’s mitochondrial disorder for so long. She was severely impacted by them withdrawing treatment for a diagnosed ailment – a known feature of MSbP.

      You say there are no mental illnesses, but I’ve known people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, as well as drug and alcohol addictions, and I assure you, they are real. But I agree with you that “mental illness” is overdiagnosed and overmedicated.

      Your perspective, I think, is based on some philosophies you have about societal infrastructures. Maybe you are not wrong. But my perspective is directly based on scientific literature and case studies, and the more this proceeds, the more convinced I am that there is a “sleeper cell” of MSbP Provider Types at Children’s Hospital in Boston, and probably at other children’s hospitals.

      Like I said, just as pedophiles would all work at day cares if we didn’t have pre-employment screening, MSbP Provider Types would be drawn to Children’s hospitals, and without pre-employement screening for MSbP behavior, you get situations like the Pelletiers, as well as many others that don’t make the news. By rumor, I understand there are other MSbP Provider Types at this facility. Why not? What’s to stop them? We have not done a good job in public health protecting these vulnerable patients and families.



  2. First of all, Alice Newton has not been charged with any crime, nor has anyone else in this matter.

    The one who seems to want to accuse her is you.

    Now there is a lawsuit from the Pelletier family, naming Newton, BCH, and other doctors. But this is for Mal Practice, not any kind of a crime.

    As far as people needing inpatient psychiatric treatment, or any other kind of psychiatric treatment, I strongly disagree with you. That is totally bogus.

    As far as saying Justina had mental illness ( clinical depression) or giving her drugs. That was wrong. That Psychiatrist is gone.

    As far as Justina tying up space in that psych ward, all psych wards in the entire country should be eliminated. They tried to move Justina to a convalescent home in Connecticut, but her father threatened to sue them if they accepted her. He created a stalemate.

    This lawsuit is not the best way to bring out the facts. But if Justina had died of her mito condition while in the psych ward, that would be grounds for a Mal Practice / Wrongful Death claim. But she didn’t and she was closely monitored. One of the things which moved BCH doctors and the judge was that Justina seemed to deteriorate after each visit from her mother.

    MbPS is an out of date terminology and concept. But the idea was that the parent is using the child to get attention, and doing this because of having a mental illness. Foolish way to look at it, as now we know that it is so common. Really, it is that the parent needs to find fault in the child, using the child to justify themselves. Almost always has to be a parent with an enmeshed relationship.

    Remember, Alice Newton never talked with Justina or her parents, and never examined Justina. All done by other doctors, and all binding decisions were made by Judge James Johnson.

    Yes, Newton and her crew could have made some bad judgments and Newton could have been on a power trip. This kind of medicine is the most controversial. Huge body of people completely opposed to child protection of any type. The Pelletiers quickly moved to this position.

    I have studied other cases, and sat through a jury trial for someone who was molesting his daughters. Sounds cut and dry, but not when you add in lawyers and people completely opposed to all child protection. It becomes extremely contentious.

    Under Alice Newton BCH has done 5 parent-ectomise in 18 months. Should look at each of them to get a better idea. This Child Protection Pediatrics and the new concept to replace MbPS, “Medical Child Abuse”, are controversial, because there is no motive given for why the parent is causing this abuse. Why would any parent abuse their child?

    That book is OUTSTANDING!

    Carole Jenny’s name is mentioned in the Boston Globe articles about Justina.

    And as far as hunger strikers, makes zero difference what they do.

    Pelletier Lawsuit:

    case number: 1684CV00474

    last action, getting past this mal practice tribunal, 8/25/16. Now the case sits, nothing scheduled, not time limit, just sitting.



  3. Hunger striking for Justina Pelletier? As I know she is home living with her parents in Connecticut.

    And an out in the open hunger striker would be much more effective.

    Hunger striking in support of the Pelletier’s lawsuit? No need for that. They will get fairness in the court. Hunger strikes are last resort tactics, for when there is nothing else you can do.

    Alice Newton may have saved Justina’s life. She does not understand this, and she might never. Not understanding this is a product of her race and socio-economic status. This entire field is always a political Rorschach blot.

    Very unlikely that a health care provider would be engaging in MbPS. Its always going to be someone very close to the child, someone using the child to define themselves, like Justina’s stage mom of a mother.

    MbPS pretty much has to mean primary caretakers.

    A doctor could be on a power trip, and they could do things which are wrong, but that is not MbPS.

    Anyway, they don’t call it MbPS anymore, because that is turning it into something like a mental illness. Not the right way to see it. Now they just call it Medical Child Abuse.

    This means something done by caretakers. If done by medical staff, then it would be Medical Mal Practice.

    Alice Newton never even met Justina or her parents. Safer that way. Has no psychological enmeshment with hospital patients.

    Newton could be too quick to look at situations in a particular way, to see Medical Child Abuse. But that is not even Medical Mal Practice, it is just misconstruing a situation. In these Child Protection actions it is always a court which makes the binding decisions. And in this case Judge James Johnson was bending over backwards, to make sure he did what was right thing. Appointed Special investigator, independent of all other agencies, answering only to Judge Johnson.

    Lou Pelletier is the one who made this difficult. BCH wanted to quickly transfer Justina to a convalescent home in Connecticut. Lou Pelletier threatened to sue them. So he created a stalemate.

    Today Lou Pelletier sues for Medical Mal Practice because that is the only thing he possibly could sue for. Can’t sue a judge.

    So maybe he will get something. But this does not mean that BCH or Alice Newton did anything wrong. Just means that large institutions often lose something in lawsuits.

    They should not have said she had a mental illness or put her on psych meds. But the doctor who did that is gone. Today they don’t look at it that way. That doctor is gone. Today they look at it as the psychological effects of a negative environment.

    Hey, if you are a member of a primitive society and the witch doctor puts a curse on you, you die.

    Justina was facing this, as it looks to me. 100 doctors can test her for this Mito condition, but that does not actually tell you why she is deteriorating.

    Justina’s parents had to cool it. Real simple. After that, Justina got to go home. See if she is okay. Connecticut CPS ( they call it DCF, Department of Children and Families ) is monitoring the situation. It should be okay. They had been monitoring before Justina was taken to BCH, but Connecticut was not being aggressive enough. To say Justina has a Mito condition just means that her health is disintegrating.

    Child Protection Pediatrics is the most controversial type of medicine ever invented. But right now it is the most important.

    Some of the leaders in the field, and in Rhode Island.

    All child protection has always been extremely politically controversial.

    Justina Pelletier lives. I believe that if someone stepped in to separate Matthew Warren from that insane world of his parents, that he would be alive today.

    We must enforce mandatory reporting. It’s purpose is to stop doctors from contributing to child abuse. But we are not effectively doing this.

    Connecticut DCF was not doing enough. And the shrinks who were working on Matthew Warren should be incarcerated.



    • Hi Nomadic,

      Thanks for your comment! I was interested in what you would think about this.

      Your characterization of what happened is *exactly* what Dr. Newton would want you to be saying were she guilty. Your are speaking straight out of the perpetrator’s playbook.

      In Massachusetts, many people who need inpatient psychiatric treatment are on the street because there is a lack of treatment. But yet, Pelletier was in psychiatric treatment for 1.5 years, but had no psychiatric history. We are not supposed to notice this. We are also not supposed to notice a lot of the details I point out in my blog posts on the subject, because they paint a suspicious picture. We are supposed to ignore all that and just say, “She’s a doctor! She knows better!”, and “Even doctors make mistakes!”, and “DCF agreed, so she’s not alone”, etc. Once you’ve been in Pelletier’s position like me, you can see through all of that.

      That’s why I’m excited to see what comes out of this lawsuit. I think you will be surprised at all the evidence that comes out to support my contention. Of course, I might be wrong and you might be right, but how to explain away how well the pattern fits? If Pelletier had died of a physical disorder while being psychiatrically hospitalized at the insistance of Dr. Newton, it would be classic MSbP behvaior where a person is prevented from getting treatment for something they have – and it leads to death. Notice my recent post on nurses who kill that I think might be a manifestation of MSbP behavior:

      So we’ll see what comes out in the news about this story.

      Hope you are doing well! Happy Halloween!



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