Kenton V. Stone


Kenton V. Stone

Professional Experience

Role on the Proxy Project

  • Serve on the Proxy Project Steering Committee and Proxy Project Patient Board
  • Consultation for Proxy Project Discussion Board and Blog
  • Assist with publication and grantwriting
  • Provide expertise on ethics, torture, and the health care system
  • Voice of a political torture survivor

Personal Goal for the Proxy Project

My first goal in working toward a greater understanding of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is personal, so as to understand the dynamics of abuse and neglect within family systems. From that understanding I hope to reduce the isolation of others who have experienced such abuse and neglect in those settings by providing a safe space in which they can connect for healing purposes. Finally, I would like to promote awareness of the syndrome within the U.S. health care system so its resources can be brought to bear for the care of survivors of MSbyP.

Updated October 13, 2014. Background photograph by Havang(nl). Foreground photograph by Kenton V. Stone.


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