Mariel Chance

Mariel Chance

Professional Experience

  • Master’s degree in Sociology from New Mexico State University
  • Investigator on the Proxy Project
  • Over two years of experience researching and writing about Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
  • Case Manager / Vocational Counselor at a human services agency in MA
  • Author of S.A.F.E. Inc. blog

Role on the Proxy Project

  • Investigator on the Research Board
  • Member of the Steering Committee
  • Contributing researcher/author on grants and publications
  • Liaison to the Patient Communication and Advisory Board

Personal Goal for the Proxy Project

To first and foremost, understand my personal experience with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy; next to be able to share this information with others through research publications and blog posts.  I want to give people a safe place to share their experiences without judgment, and with sincere concern and empathy. I want the Proxy Project to be a catalyst for change with the U.S. healthcare system.

Photo by Mariel Chance.


One thought on “Mariel Chance

  1. Matthew’s Law

    A proposed law, offered in part as a counter to the Rep. Tim Murphy bills. Offered in recognition of how Matthew Warren was driven to his own death, a casualty of Evangelical Movement.

    His parents, Saddleback co-founders, Rick and Kay Warren. Matthew, subjected to Psychotherapists and Psychiatrists, plus Prayer Warriors, all working to convince him that he had a mental illness, no doubt driven to put an end to his own suffering in the only way he could. Very much like using a voodoo curse to kill someone.

    Rick and Kay Warren milking this for all it is worth, and helping others to do the same things to their children.

    Hope for Mental Health

    No shame in medication

    More about the death and the Warrens.

    This proposed law would take the profit and bragging rights out of middle-class child abuse. It would incarcerate doctors who give psychiatric medications to children. It would make those psychotherapists and psychiatrists who ignore mandatory reporting in cases of suspected child abuse, face mandatory arrest.

    Please join in the fight to stop Rick and Kay Warren and their Hope For Mental Health ministry.

    Please write to Orange County California DA Tony Rackauckas, and ask that this supposed suicide be fully investigated, and that all the Psychotherapists and Psychiatrists who violated mandatory reporting, be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. With intervention Matthen Warren would be alive and doing fine today.

    And then of Rick and Kay Warren, they must be fully investigated, and if this is as it appears, then they must each be charged and prosecuted for murder in the first degree.


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